Garden Design Packages

The studio offers flexible Garden Design packages with a range of products including:

  • Detailed Full-Colour Design Plans

  • Concept Boards

  • 2D and 3D Projections

  • Construction Drawings and Details

  • Detailed Cost Estimates and Material Lists

  • Detailed Lists of Works

  • Additional Bespoke Drawings and Documentation

The first stage in any project is a free* consultation with designer Yvette D. Smith.  

During this initial viewing of the site, Yvette will listen to your vision and needs for the space whilst offering practical advice and inspiration using examples of past work and experience.

A full surveying service, including levels where necessary, is provided to facilitate accurate plan drafting and calculation of quantities.

Before the design is finalised, draft plans and concepts will be presented so that you can make any alterations you wish and choose a design that truly reflects your personality and vision for the space.  Once a design has been agreed a fully-detailed plan will be produced, along with any other required drawings, and presented during a final meeting.

All hand-drafted, colour-rendered plans and projections are drawn using precise scaling so that they can be used to accurately inform the physical garden build.

Project Management

Project Management services can be provided to ensure that your garden design project is implemented to your exact requirements, and that all design intentions are fulfilled to a high standard down to the smallest detail.  

Yvette will either work alongside your own preferred landscaper, or can recommend and arrange meetings with known contractors to quote for and undertake the physical build of your project.  

Following initial design and setting-out meetings, Yvette will then supervise the implementation of your scheme in order to ensure all design intentions are undertaken to your satisfaction.  This will involve a series of site visits during the landscaping process, and may include additional off-site work.

*Whilst all design consultations are free of charge, a fee may be applied to visit consultation sites exceeding a journey time of 1 hour from the studio in order to cover travelling expenses.